Paul Thagard’s Treatise on Mind and Society was published by Oxford University Press in 2019. Paperback editions will appear in July, 2021.  The Treatise consists of a trio of books that can be read independently:

Brain-Mind: From Neurons to Consciousness and Creativity

Mind-Society: From Brains to Social Sciences and Professions

Natural Philosophy: From Social Brains to Knowledge, Reality, Morality, and Beauty.


These books provide a unified account of the cognitive sciences, social sciences, professions, and humanities. The books can be read in any order, depending on the interests of the reader. Brain-Mind presents a brain-based theory of cognition and emotions. Mind-Society connects neural and psychological explanations of mind with the social sciences and professions.  Natural Philosophy uses theories of mind and society to answer questions about knowledge, reality, morality, justice, meaning, and the arts. Each book is clearly written and accessible to a wide range of readers from different backgrounds


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