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Video: How does current AI stack up against human intelligence (NYU)

Video: Cognitive science and climate change

Video: Procedural creativity in art and science

Video: How does current AI stack up against human intelligence?

Video: Medical inference: Using explanatory coherence to model mental health assessment and epidemiological reasoning

Video: Brain mechanisms explain emotion and consciousness

Video: The logic and psychology of psychotherapeutic assessment

Video: Why reason? Inference, reasoning, and education

Video: Conceptual change in the brain revolution

Video: Why reason? Inference, reasoning,, and social communication

Video: Creative cognition in social innovation

Video: Changing minds about climate change.

Video: Banning laptops in classrooms

Video: What is a complex system?

Audio: The Brain is Wider than the Sky: Cognition, Emotion, and Allegory.


Interview about Bots and Beasts

Cool Collaborations

Nonhuman minds

 AI Ethics and the Meaning of Life

Press and miscellaneous:

Brains to Social Sciences (extensive interview)

The Best Books on Intelligence

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