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Video: How does current AI stack up against human intelligence (NYU)

Video: Cognitive science and climate change

Video: Procedural creativity in art and science

Video: How does current AI stack up against human intelligence?

Video: Medical inference: Using explanatory coherence to model mental health assessment and epidemiological reasoning

Video: Brain mechanisms explain emotion and consciousness

Video: The logic and psychology of psychotherapeutic assessment

Video: Why reason? Inference, reasoning, and education

Video: Conceptual change in the brain revolution

Video: Why reason? Inference, reasoning,, and social communication

Video: Creative cognition in social innovation

Video: Changing minds about climate change.

Video: Banning laptops in classrooms

Video: What is a complex system?

Audio: The Brain is Wider than the Sky: Cognition, Emotion, and Allegory.


CBC Spark interview about Bots and Beasts

Data Science interview about Bots and Beasts

Interview about Bots and Beasts

Cool Collaborations

Nonhuman minds

 AI Ethics and the Meaning of Life

Press and miscellaneous:

Brains to Social Sciences (extensive interview)

The Best Books on Intelligence

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